of course I miss you too.

2 min readJan 18, 2024
Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Heyyy big head.

I wore that beanie to class today. The overpriced one we got at Mile 1 Market. A beanie at that terrible quality for 5k?? That guy scammed us for real!

Mrs Chinda saw me walk Molly, our dog, today and asked after you again. I explained to her that you were busy with school, which wasn’t entirely a lie cause I had seen on your Snapchat story how school had been sapping the life out of you. I wanted to reply to that story and let you know I could relate to that now, but the conversation would’ve been awkward…

Also, I perceived Mousuf on a stranger I passed by last week and immediately remembered how you sprayed almost half of the bottle at the Perfume shop. Did you think they’d let you off with it because you apologised?! Thank God we had enough money with us to purchase it. I love how it ended up becoming your signature perfume though.

Perceiving it that day made me wish we could go perfume shopping again. My Insidious is almost out and it would be a lovely excuse to spend some time with you…

Honestly, making friends hasn’t been an easy thing for me lately. I find it difficult to open up to people despite how similar our personalities may be. I never let them know how I truly feel about situations and I know it pushes them away. With you, well, it was different. It felt like we could read each other’s minds and I guess I got too comfortable with that….

I wish there were a definite reason behind how things are with us. It would bring some form of solace to us.

During our last conversation, you said you missed me and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t. Of course I miss you too. I miss you way more than these words can express.

I actually shed a few tears writing this. Believe it or not, this piece is completely fictional but I’ve also had my fair share of friendship breakups in my 18 years on this planet and a few of them inspired this.

I’m not totally over mine so if you’ve also experienced a friendship breakup, i’d love to know how you dealt with yours. ❤️




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