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4 min readFeb 28, 2024
my favourite song at the moment

Hiii :)

It’s been a while since I opened this app to write or even edit my drafts.. That doesn’t mean I wrote a lot in other places still… I’ve been reading beautiful pieces here almost every day now so it has to count for something.

How have you been??? How has the Nigerian economy been treating you? I know it’s affecting everyone.

For me, well, i’ve been okay. Transport fare’s gone up and school’s schooling but we go dey alright las las.

I’m writing this piece in class right now. It’s 11am and our only lecture for the day starts at 12pm if the lecturer doesn’t cancel yet again. I’m not here this early out of fresher’s zeal but because I had to print out a lengthy assignment earlier.

I want to rant but also just want to close this app to finish an episode of Vigilante. I do owe it to myself to write though, at least to some point. Here goes nothing.

“Dear Alaere”

books like this >>>

A friend recommended this book to me earlier this month and I trust his recommendations so much that I didn’t hesitate to start reading it! I read it so much in class while waiting for lecturers that others probably thought I was a loner with my AirPods in, head bowed down and my eyes glued to my screen (I mean, I can be but that’s besides the point).

Not gonna lie, the book had me from the very first chapter. The author writes so beautifully. You just know she’s an extremely intelligent woman.

I mean!

The book dwells on themes that every Nigerian has related to at some point in their life here in Nigeria. It gives the reader a glimpse into life in Lagos which I don’t think is that far off from life in Nigeria (I may be wrong with all I’ve been hearing about Lagos).

I’m halfway through the book now but I have to recommend it to you, dear reader. It may make you cry, or not if you’re a hard guy like me. Yes.

I think this genre (whatever it‘a called) is my favourite genre. I must treat myself to a hard copy of the book and soon!

I know I didn’t really say much about the book but I suck at reviews and don’t know if I’d be able to make it spoiler-free. I’d probably write a comprehensive one when I’m done reading.

New Music

I’ve been discovering a lottt of new music lately. And if you know me, you know Music and I go together like hot beans and very soft bread. Sometimes I pity the people on my WhatsApp. They must be tired of the way I post screenshots of songs. Now my Snapchat streakers are experiencing the same thing but at least they appreciate and listen to them! And not to brag, but my recommendations are always good! I wish I could say the screenshot thingy will stop anytime soon but pele my dear.

I discovered Bensoon Boone last year but I find myself falling more in love with his songs lately. I’m working on a playlist inspired by him, if you’d love to listen.

“Gaming is a waste of time”

If you’re a gamer in Nigeria, you’ve probably been told that by at least one person (most likely your parent) and as a girl, worse things were probably said. That’s their cup of tea though. I’m glad I never stopped gaming considering how it has come through for me twice now. The first incident I remember was during my English paper when I wrote my Junior WAEC. The essay topic was to write about your favourite game and trust me, I destroyed that. I don’t remember what I got but I know I had one of the best results in my school at the time. Fast forward to last week in uni. A lecturer decided to bless us with a surprise oral test after our class which ended late! I happened to be in the row he questioned first. I was extremely nervous, everyone was! The questions he gave the people before me heightened the anxiety but I knew my God go run am. After all I had studied for possible tests before the class. How in the world was the first question he asked “Do you like games?” I screamed so loudly in my head because what?! I answered the question in relation to Lifestyle Journalism despite the nervousness in my voice. Got my marks and was awarded an extra one because I was the only one who smiled. Burst my brain. This may seem like a normal interaction to you but it most definitely wasn’t normal to me.

By the way, it rained after the tests and we all got soaked after our class, but a win is a win, innit?

Okay, I really enjoyed writing this and I hope you do too. I didn’t do too much editing because it’s 12:24pm now and I fear the lecturer might pop in anytime now. Till I write again, Adios.




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